McLean Letter: Comstock’s Record of Accomplishments

McLean Letter: Comstock’s Record of Accomplishments

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Other than sending a massive amount of attack mailers, I haven’t heard anything from LuAnn Bennett about her accomplishments or what she might do or why she’s even running for the 10th Congressional seat against our proven incumbent, Barbara Comstock. Perhaps the absence of relevant information is the result of Ms. Bennett living outside the 10th District for the majority of the past decade. I don’t want to vote for someone whose primary goal is to pursue and support Nancy Pelosi’s personal agenda rather than the specific interests of the people of the 10th District of Virginia.

LuAnn Bennett has done nothing to earn our votes. Barbara Comstock has.

Barbara has tirelessly and honorably served in many ways dating back to her time in the Virginia House of Delegates. She has worked extensively to increase our National Defense spending and protect national security.

She’s also assisted in creating major legislation to help cut down human trafficking, to fight the heroin epidemic with landmark legislation, and has worked to pass $600 billion in tax relief for America’s families and small businesses. All of her efforts have benefited constituents – Democrats, Republicans and Independents – in her district.

Barbara also co-sponsored and voted for the 21st Century Cures Act to advance better detection, management and, ultimately, cures of chronic diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer. That sounds like a really great start to me! Barbara works with people across the District on a non-partisan basis, and is constantly in touch with her constituents.

Renee S. Potter