CSMS Science Olympiad Team Triumphs

CSMS Science Olympiad Team Triumphs

The Carl Sandburg Middle School Science Olympiad Team has been notified that they have qualified for the Virginia State Science Olympiad Tournament to be held April 27 on the Virginia Tech Campus in Blacksburg.

The team competed at the Virginia Science Olympiad Regional Tournament in Charlottesville, on Saturday, Feb. 16. Overall results placed Carl Sandburg Middle School as the 4th ranked school at the Science Olympiad competition that weekend.

Thirty CSMS 7th and 8th grade students competed in multiple, high-level science subject tests at the tournament — including forensics, heredity, architecture, engineering, meteorology, astronomy, environmental, water, and food sciences, forestry, anatomy, diseases, math, and geology.

The following CSMS students placed at the Regional Science Olympiad Tournament in Charlottesville:

  • Warren Herrington (7): 2nd Place- Shock Value; 4th Place-Mystery Architecture; 7th Place-Boomilever

  • Peter Chau (7): 2nd Place-Shock Value; 8th Place-Boomilever; 8th Place-Rocks & Minerals

  • Nora Fenton (8): 3rd Place- Crime Busters; 3rd Place-Food Science; 6th Place-Road Scholar

  • Will Shute (8): 3rd Place-Mission Possible; 4th Place-Disease Detectives; 9th Place-Rotor Egg Drop; 10th Place-Food Science

  • Theresa McMahon (8): 3rd Place-Crime Busters; 6th Place-Road Scholar; 7th Place Mission Possible

  • Richard Yoder (8): 3rd Place- Mission Possible; 4th Place-Metric Mastery; 8th Place-Heredity

  • Nathan Alam (8): 3rd Place- Mission Possible; 6th Place-Dynamic Planet; 9th Place-Anatomy

  • Sarah Crossen (8): 3rd Place-Food Science; 8th Place-Reach for the Stars; 10th Water Quality

  • Sean Franklin (8): 3rd Place-Disease Detectives; 8th Place-Mousetrap Vehicle

  • Isaiah Smith (8): 3rd Place-Rotor Egg Drop; 10th Place-Mystery Architecture

  • Rachel Hardison (8): 3rd Place-Rotor Egg Drop; 10th Place-Mystery Architecture

  • Andy O’Hara (8): 4th Place-Metric Mastery; 8th Place- Mousetrap Vehicle

  • Andrew Wolverton (8): 4th Place-Mystery Architecture; 9th Place-Anatomy; 10th Place-Meteorology

  • Brian Trigg (7): 6th Place-Roller Coaster; 7th Place-Mission Possible

  • Andrew Yoder (8): 6th Place-Water Quality; 7th Place-Road Scholar; 9th Place-Keep the Heat

  • Benjamin Weisel (7): 6th Place-Roller Coaster; 8th Place-Experimental Design

  • Danielle Murphy (8): 6th Place-Crime Busters

  • Emma Cuddy (8): 6th Place-Forestry; 8th Place-Heredity; 10th Place-Meteorology

  • Jamie Ager (7): 6th Place-Dynamic Planet; 8th Place-Rocks & Minerals

  • Parker Pineda (7): 6th Place-Crime Busters; 10th Place-Food Science

  • Stephen Campbell (8): 6th Place-Water Quality; 7th Place-Road Scholar; 9th Place-Keep the Heat

  • Tyler Hawley(8): 6th Place-Forestry; 9th Place-Rotor Egg Drop.