Police Warn Public of “Inheritance Scam”

Police Warn Public of “Inheritance Scam”

Fairfax County Police (FCPD) has received numerous reports from residents across the U.S. involving a phony inheritance proclamation.

These typically arrive in the form of an unsolicited email announcing that the recipient has been awarded a multi-million dollar inheritance but they must contact a FCPD police investigator in order to claim the funds. Presently, the scammers are identifying themselves as authentic FCPD personnel and using official email addresses, phone numbers and street addresses in order to appear more convincing to the victim.

The Financial Crimes Unit is aware of at least a dozen reports that have taken place since Thursday, Jan. 10. Detectives warn residents that due to the potential international origin of this scam, there is little that can be done to re-claim funds that have already been wired: Do not wire money based on instructions received in unsolicited emails.

The FCPD does not send unsolicited emails concerning inheritance, monetary funds, or transactions. If someone receives these emails, they should delete them immediately and do not open any files associated with the email.

If anyone has questions concerning the validity of unsolicited, suspicious emails requesting monies to be wired or personal information to be sent, that appear to be from the FCPD, contact police.

If someone within Fairfax County has already sent money involving this scam, report it through the Financial Crimes electronic reporting site.