God AND Doughnuts

God AND Doughnuts

The coming of Lent is announced differently in different places; friends who have been to New Orleans have informed me that beads and water were thrown on them and clothes were removed. For some reason Anglicans make pancakes, eat them, and run races flipping the pancakes in skillets. The teenage Sunday School group at Emmanual Episcopal Church put on a pancake supper and the traditional race. Hannah Buckman won the pancake race.

The group shrewdly decided to choose a King and Queen by the drawing of lots to avoid argument, so Blythe Markel was the Queen and Henry Nealon was the King.

Others involved in putting on this tremendously successful event were Claire Bilodeau, Henry Tennant, Katherine Conner, James Bambara, Gareth and James Markel, Kelly Dervarics and Morgan Vaughan.