Letter to the Editor: My Year In the USA

Letter to the Editor: My Year In the USA

To the Editor:

Why are we doing this? Why are we going away from our families for one year and move into a family's house we don't know? We are exchange students and we wanted to learn more about another country, about the culture, the language, and the people.

With the Academic Year in America, we found an organization that gave us the chance to study abroad and that found nice people/ families who were willing to host us and who welcomed us as normal family members.

We meet our Local Coordinator Louise Hackman every month. She always plans interesting and funny things we can do together. Our last meeting was on Saturday, Dec. 15. We spent some time together at the Arlington Cemetery National Wreath Across America Ceremony and learned a lot about it. We also laid down wreaths on the graves. It was an impressive experience how the cemetery looked like after the ceremony.

All these new experiences are the reason why this year is/will be one of my best years in my life.

Nadine Kassner, German Exchange Student

Attending Herndon High School, 2012-13