Letter: Embracing Giving in 2013

Letter: Embracing Giving in 2013

To the Editor:

Living in a society where little kids now own cell phones, and even iPhones, we are used to everyone saying “I want, I want, I want!”

In every religion, giving thanks is not supposed to be reserved for the last Thursday in November, but rather something we do every day.

In the Holy Quran it says, “And We have established you in the earth and provided for you therein the means of subsistence. How little thanks you give!” (Ch. 7 Vs. 11).

As an American Muslim, reflecting on this year has brought me to bow my head in shame. Every year we make resolutions, but only a few of us actually go 365 days abiding by them. Even with that aside, I personally think that materialism is now taking our culture by storm. Long gone are the days where the norm was eating dinner with our families or going on monthly outings with our loved ones.

Is it really that hard for us to appreciate our loved ones a little every month? Let us all try to embrace giving in 2013 and make an effort to spread the love.

Aneela Wadan