Where Do You Go, What Do You Do for Fun?

Where Do You Go, What Do You Do for Fun?

"I like to go ice skating with my friends and my sister. I used to go ice skating when I was small and I used to take lessons, so I like to go in the winters because I have always enjoyed it. When I go with my friends now we like to play around and afterwards we come back to my house for hot chocolate."

  • Maily Pham, 15, sophomore at Robinson Secondary School, Burke

"I just like to go to the movies because it is warm and a lot of good movies are out. Me and my friends love to go together because it's a great way to just pass the time and still have fun!"

  • Alex Squaire, 14, freshman at Robinson Secondary School, Clifton

"I like cozying up at local Starbucks with a hot vanilla latte and a good book. It's a warm and homey atmosphere that makes the cold NOVA weather bearable. It's especially nice to look out the windows when it's snowing; it's almost like you're in a snow globe."

  • Avanti Shirke, 17, senior at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Chantilly

"I like going skiing at Whitetail Resort. I go every two weeks, usually with my family. It's a two hour drive for an all day trip. I've gained a lot of experience over the years and my favorite slope is the black diamond."

  • Rohan Saini, 15, sophomore at Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Herndon

"I like to go to Reston Towne Center with my friend because there's a lot to do and it's all in one place. There's a movie theater that's designed like those old-style theaters from the fifties and an ice skating rink in the winter. There are also a lot of good restaurants, from Vapiano's to Big Bowl, that are perfect to get hot food on a cold day. There are so many different options, it fits whatever mood you're in."

  • Jolene Mafnas, 17, senior at Robinson Secondary School, Chantilly

“What I do for fun is just get some friends together and have movie marathons because it's warm inside! Around Alexandria it's fun to just grab some Starbucks and walk around looking at the shops because there's a lot of cool stuff that's not really around where I live.”

  • Monica Goodwin, junior, Robinson Secondary School, Fairfax

“I love going skiing in the wintertime; Snowshoe and Wintergreen are my on point destinations. I also love receding into my man cave and spending hours relaxing watching TV and movies.”

  • David Wiener, junior, Robinson Secondary School, Clifton

“My friends and I like going to Starbucks. We go to one another's houses and watch movies. Sometimes we do ‘the Brave Party Boat’ when we pile in a car and go somewhere far with the music turned up. Last week we were playing manhunt. It was really cold, and with snow on the ground we were sliding around a lot!”

  • Chris Mayhew, sophomore, Robinson Secondary School, Fairfax

“I love to have friends over and watch movies and do TV marathons, because we're all fans of the same things. It's fun to get together and re-watch the same episodes.”

  • Anna Barr, junior, Robinson Secondary School, Burke

“I have five-and-a-half acres I can sled on and we can build ramps. It's a great stretch of land. I went skiing this weekend at White Tail; it's only about an hour and a half away and the slopes are great.”

  • Andie Matten, sophomore, Robinson Secondary School, Clifton