Chantilly Tragedy Described As Family Murder-Suicide

Chantilly Tragedy Described As Family Murder-Suicide

Police say suspect killed brother and himself.

— The tragic event in which two men were stabbed and another was shot last week inside a Chantilly home has turned into a murder-suicide. Fairfax County police identified the murder victim as Haseeb Raza, 24. They also said his suspected killer was his 20-year-old brother, Mohammad H. Raza.

According to police, Haseeb was fatally stabbed in the upper body. They say the other stabbing victim — identified only as a 61-year-old family member — was also “stabbed in the upper body when he tried to intervene.” However, he was able to get away from the younger brother and flee downstairs. Then, say police, “It appears the suspect shot himself in the upper body.”

The 61-year-old is recovering from his wounds. A woman and two young children — for whom she provided childcare — were also in the home in the 4100 block of Travers Court. But police say they weren’t involved in the altercation or injured.

Police were dispatched to the single-family home in the Rockland Village community, last Tuesday, June 25, around 11:19 a.m. Upon arrival, officers found the three injured men, all in critical condition. They were transported to hospitals, and Haseeb Raza was pronounced dead at Inova Fair Oaks Hospital that afternoon. Mohammad Raza died two days later, on June 27.

Police declined to give any motive for the fight. But officers encountered the aftermath of a violent, bloody scene and discovered that one person lost a body part in the fight.

In his June 25 affidavit for a warrant to search the house, homicide detective Robert Bond, of the Criminal Investigations Bureau, wrote that the person who called police that morning reported there was “a shooting and stabbing” at the residence. He also noted that “two firearms were seen in plain view by the arriving officers.”

Police executed the search warrant that day at 3:20 p.m. and seized a multitude of items, including two .22-caliber rifles with their magazines, cartridges and cartridge cases; a .12-gauge shotgun and shells; boxes of ammunition and a knife.

Also confiscated were tables, a curtain panel, sleeping bag, comforter, pillow and eyeglasses — all with “red stains.” In addition, police seized bloody clothing, a section of drywall where a bullet had deflected, a notebook, a laptop computer, cell phone and a “section of finger.”