Letters: Act of Goodwill

Letters: Act of Goodwill

— To the Editor:

When I was driving to work this morning (Thursday, May 30) around 8:15 a.m., three young adults had stopped traffic in both directions on the George Washington Parkway just north of the Shell Station and south of Old Town. Sitting in this back-up, all I could see were the three persons walking across the parkway in front of lines of stationary cars. My initial thought was a jogger trying to cross the parkway had been hit. Slowly, as the line of cars crept forward, I saw the real cause of the back-up.

A beaver wanted to get to the other side of the George Washington Parkway and the three young adults must have been jogging on the bicycle path and stopped the traffic, saving this beaver's life. By the time I drove by the beaver, he/she had nearly reached the country club side of the parkway.

I don't know the identities of the three persons. Seeing this act of goodwill made my day complete, and it was still not 8:30 a.m. The National Park Service may want to consider adding a new sign at this location alerting drivers to the potential of a beaver crossing the road.

Paul Cooksey

Mount Vernon