Meier: ‘A Supporter, Leader and Listener’

Meier: ‘A Supporter, Leader and Listener’

Although Danny Meier’s now retired as Robinson’s principal, he left his mark on the school and his colleagues say he led it well.

“He’s a great leader because he’s quick at evaluating situations and has the background to make logical decisions,” said school administrative assistant Sue Henderson. “It’s also a great loss because I’ll miss him as a friend.”

Calling Meier a “fun person to have around,” she said, “He’s fair, and it’s been both wonderful and inspirational to watch someone work who loved his job as much as he did. He loved the kids so much and always made a point of guiding, encouraging and supporting them.”

Social studies teacher Hernan Ruiz teaches world history and IB cultural anthropology and has known Meier since he came to Robinson a decade ago. Ruiz said many things made Meier such a good principal, but “the top reason is that Dan created an environment where everyone felt valued and part of a family.”

Melissa Brady is the Science Department chairman of Robinson Middle School and teaches seventh grade science. She’s also known Meier for 10 years and said he has a leadership quality that’s “truly unique. He really listens to his faculty. He uses humor to put people at ease and respect to make them feel important. He makes rational decisions that benefit kids and he empowers his staff members to be the best in their fields.”

Admitting she was initially upset when she heard Meier was retiring, Brady said he’s given a large chunk of his life to Robinson and “it’s now his time to do what he wants. He can spend more time with his family, and I know how important that is to him.”

“This place will never be the same [without him as principal], but he has taught many of us great things,” said Brady. “Now that he will be the head football coach, I am excited to have him around.”

Cluster VI Assistant Superintendent Leslie Butz said Meier “made this huge school personable through his visibility throughout the campus.” While sad to lose him as Robinson’s leader, she said, “We’re happy he can enjoy the next phase of his life.”