City Budget Proposal To Impact Transit

City Budget Proposal To Impact Transit

The Board of Directors of the Alexandria Transit Company will hold a public hearing in the Sister Cities Conference Room 1101, City Hall, on March 28, at 5:30 p.m. on proposed fare and service changes.

The City Council adoption of the fiscal year 2014 budget on May 6, could impact the level of fare and service changes anticipated to take effect July 2013:

  • A 10¢ increase in the base fare to $1.60. A $5 increase in the cost of the monthly DASH Pass to $40.

  • King Street Trolley – Service frequency will be reduced from every 15 minutes to every 20 minutes year round.

  • AT1 – Peak period extension between Van Dorn and Eisenhower Metrorail Stations will be discontinued. Saturday extension between Eisenhower Avenue and King Street Metrorail Stations, via Carlyle, will be discontinued.

  • AT2 – Saturday service frequency will be reduced from every 45 minutes to every 60 minutes.

The Alexandria Transit Company’s board of directors is proposing the following service improvements based on funding identified in the City Manager’s proposed fiscal year 2014 Transportation Improvement Program:

  • AT8 – Weekday peak period service frequency increased to every 10 minutes between Landmark Mall and the King Street Metrorail Station. Weekday midday service frequencies expanded to provide 30-minute frequencies along the entire route.

  • AT9 – New weekday crosstown route connecting Mark Center, Southern Towers, NVCC, Bradlee Shopping Center, Parkfairfax, Shirlington Transit Center, Arlandria, Glebe Road, and Potomac Yard.

  • AT10 – Weekday service to end approximately an hour later and Saturday service to start approximately an hour earlier and end an hour later.

For more information, see the DASH website at