Letter to the Editor: Sponsor A Child

Letter to the Editor: Sponsor A Child

To the Editor:

Living under the sun all day, clothes covered with stains, overlaid with dust, water marked with dirt, empty pockets full of hope; this is daily life in Cambodia. When you see this image maybe you stop or flip the page, but perhaps there is something that you can do. Even though this child is from Cambodia, there are many children around the globe who are in need, especially in the developing countries. Over the course of time, many organizations have stepped forward and started initiatives to help gather donations to improve children’s care.

Child sponsorship is way of helping a child’s health and nutrition from a distance. World Vision International is an organization that sponsors children from around the globe, and offer resources such as clean water, basic health care, educational opportunities, and economic sustainability. The organization will keep you in touch with the child through annual reports, and pictures.

Imagine a day without buying a $4 latté, and instead donating the money to a child who is in need of drinking clean water and living for a week without struggle. World Vision International provides the option of donating $35 a month to cover a child’s basic necessities. Some might find it frustrating to give up their lattes, but that money can provide a child with food, water, clothing, nutrition, education, and shelter.

By donating for a child sponsorship organization you can make an impact. For instance, World Vision International made 1,550 successful wells drilled or rehabilitated in 10 African countries, and 962,250 people gained access to safe water. A change can be made if people are putting the effort in making a difference in developing countries, which seeks to improve competitive edge for many communities.

Children in developing countries are facing horrible living conditions. According to the World Vision International, more than 6,000 children under age five die each day from diseases spread by unsafe water or lack of basic sanitation and hygiene. Giving up $35 a month will not change a lot in your life but it will change a whole lot in a child’s life. By donating to organizations you can provide basic care to a child. There are many causes and issues that require immediate attention, and in my opinion, sponsoring a child in need should be in the forefront.

Maha Zedan

The writer is a junior at Marymount University, majoring in communications.