Letter to the Editor: Help Keep The Lights On

Letter to the Editor: Help Keep The Lights On

To the Editor:

I thought you would be interested in an update about the ongoing saga of the Christmas tree lights on King Street. They were all turned off April 15 and the short-run effort to keep them on through this spring did not work. Now The trees have been trimmed on King Street. It was a long overdue procedure to maintain the tree canopy over the city.

As far as we know now the budget has been created and the lights will not be on again until Thanksgiving this year.

Two weeks ago council, led by Councilwoman Del Pepper, very cognizant of what next year can look like if everything goes the same way, placed a sum of about $13,500 in contingency to match funds the city communities, associations, or businesses raise to keep them on in 2014. That is $4,500 per month cost — $2,250 per month for us to raise. That means that if we can come up with half of that $13,500 contingency ($6,750)sometime before the end of the year or in early 2014 we will enjoy the spring in the lights and enjoy longer enhanced shopping, and the businesses could stay open longer with the added attractive lights on to take advantage of a better, friendly, and more safe shopping street for us and tourists. There will be longer hours and more romantic nights. It will be better for sales better for sales taxable income.

The city will match our funds. I also heard whispering from another member of council: why not keep them on through November the same way.

The results then, could be that the lights will not be turned off next year March 31 but stay on at least through June 2014. Please be in touch if you would like to help. Contact us at 703-683-0333, Gold Works USA, or councilwoman Del Pepper for more information.

Take note: If you are an association and like to dine in town or a citizen who enjoys walking under a fresh canopy and new lights please step up because we need you to help. Businesses all love the lights. Everyone loves the lights. Please help to keep them on, Make a donation towards this project and keep them on in 2014. Just get in touch with me if you are interested to help or to donate.

David Martin