Encouraging ‘Greatness’

Encouraging ‘Greatness’

Forestville principal takes holistic approach to learning.

On a typical morning, Forestville Elementary’s new principal,

Todd Franklin, can be seen greeting children as they exit the bus. “Be

great today,” he says, as they begin their morning. To Franklin, this is

not just cheer but part of an overall philosophy.

“I always like to look at the academic, social and emotional

development of young people. I want for them to focus each and

every day on how they can be great,” he says, referring to his upbeat

mantra. New to Forestville this year, Franklin served as assistant principal

at Cooper Middle School, which Forestville feeds into. “I see a lot of

familiar faces,” he says, as many of the parents have children in both

schools. As a first-time principal, Franklin has welcomed assistance from

all quarters. “Everyone has been very supportive. The rapport and

support from the parents has been phenomenal. Assistant Principal

Arbach, the entire teaching staff, and the front office staff have helped

maintain a team environment,” he adds.

Franklin attributes much of his academic approach to his time as

a counselor. “I was a guidance counselor for many years. It has

helped me understand the wide range of experience that students

have, which can influence their development and performance in the

classroom,” says Franklin, adding, “Work habits begin at a young


Enthusiasm has been high. “I can say that my experience with Mr.

Franklin has been terrific,” says PTA President Jamie Finch after

collaborating with Franklin on several projects, including an intensive

school-wide running event. “He is a charismatic leader with a heart

of gold. The PTA and the school as a whole have thoroughly enjoyed

working with our new principal,” Finch concludes.