McLean Community Center Governing Board Adopts Annual Plan

McLean Community Center Governing Board Adopts Annual Plan

The McLean Community Center Governing Board has developed and approved an annual plan for the 2013-2014 year that will streamline and give additional focus to the Board and staff’s many activities and initiatives.

The plan began with a strategic planning session in June, under the direction of Board chair Chad Quinn. At the session, staff and board members worked collaboratively with community partners, including staff from the McLean Project for the Arts and Dranesville District Supervisor John Foust’s office, to establish goals for the year.

The plan is based on three pillars—internal alignment, external alignment and financial stewardship---through which the board and staff will work to fulfill the Center’s mission, vision and values. A total of 23 goals were established, with topics ranging from the renovation and expansion of the Center’s Ingleside facility to reviewing program fee structures. One goal, “Develop a mechanism to communicate data to residents, including the use of a Performance Dashboard,” charges the staff to report and quantify tax district residents’ written evaluations of MCC programs, then report them to the Board and the public. The Performance Dashboard will include a comparison of the current year’s results to the results of previous years.

MCC Executive Director George Sachs says the plan brings into focus many of the actions and initiatives the board and staff are currently working on and improves the sharing of important information with Center tax district residents and stakeholders. “This plan simply allows us to easily assess how well we are meeting our residents’ needs in a number of areas. At any time in the year, we can have a true reading of what has been done and what needs to be addressed further. It also outlines board and staff responsibilities and allows us to achieve goals in a team effort.”

The board approved the plan at its monthly meeting in September. The center is now reaching out to share a printed copy of the plan with many community organizations that are affiliated with the center.

To view the approved annual plan, visit the center’s website, For more information, call the center at 703-790-0123, TTY: 711.