Letter: Restriping Sherwood Hall Lane

Letter: Restriping Sherwood Hall Lane

— I would like to remind the people who live on Sherwood Hall Lane that this road is our road not just theirs. By our, I mean the hundreds of people from Beacon Hill south to almost Mount Vernon. Sherwood Hall Lane is the only way for all of the people who live east of Route 1 to get to Route 1.

Many of us have purchased homes that are on cul-de-sacs and are neighborhood roads. The county does a great job of making sure there is a vote by everybody using the neighborhood roads if a change is suggested. This was just done for Mason Hill Road. If you bought a home on this busy street this was your choice. You do not have the right to change this road for your own desires. This is like people who purchase homes under an airport landing zone then complain about the jet noise.

I would suggest that the 350 tickets issued to residents for passing on the right in three months is strong data that shows left turn lanes are needed. Every day three of us citizens are ticketed because of the lack of a left turn lane on Sherwood Hall Lane. To save some parking spaces it may be possible to have several left turn lanes versus one continuous left turn lane.

I ride my bike on Sherwood Hall Lane at least three times a week from Ft. Hunt to Route 1 and have never felt like the traffic or parked cars were an issue. This is a wide road that can accommodate all of us. There are two places, one in front of the firehouse where the lanes are narrow so I ride on the sidewalk there but almost never encounter anybody walking on the sidewalk.

Phil Boughton, Mount Vernon