Herndon High Drama Produces ‘Blithe Spirit’

Herndon High Drama Produces ‘Blithe Spirit’

Herndon spring play begins May 1.

“It is hilarious how witty and comical this play can be, I am looking forward to performing with my classmates,” said Jessie Jorgensen, a Herndon High sophomore. Jorgensen is performing as the character Ruth in the May spring production of “Blithe Spirit” a play by Noël Coward.

Herndon High junior Bonnie Sasseen has the role of Elvira Condomine. “I had read the play before and the character is very fun,” said Sasseen. “She is a very physical character, she is both exciting and amusing to play.” Taking the role of Charles Condomine is Herndon senior Hunter Robinson. “The whole show is a very witty fast paced comedy,” said Robinson.

In the play, English author Charles Condomine living with his second wife consults a psychic which leads to a séance and return of his first bride. Chaos and hilarity ensues as Condomine addresses the ghost of his first wife and demands of his present, living wife. “I enjoy doing this sort of comedy,” said Robinson, who intends to study theatre at Temple University in Pennsylvania.

“The script is very funny,” said Herndon High junior Claire Smallwood, who was cast as the maid Edith. “There are lots of SAT words. This is my first spring show.” Playing the role of Mrs. Bradman is sophomore Rebecca Wichman. “I am really looking forward to the special effects used in this show,” said Wichman. Portraying the psychic Madame Arcati is senior Cassie Szymczyk. “I am looking forward to bringing the physicality to this part,” said Szymczyk. Stage manager for this production is Nathan Hawn.

Unlike musicals, this spring production has a smaller cast. For seniors, this will be the second to last high school production before graduation this year. Directing the production is Ms. Zoë Dillard. “I choose this play because we had never done a Noël Coward production before, and I felt it was a style of comedic theatre we should explore and the students could enjoy,” said Dillard. “The vocabulary is very sophisticated, and doing this play not only teaches about a 20th century playwright but exposes them to a language that will serve them well. The witty dialogue has been fun for us to discover as well.”

The ticketed production of “Blithe Spirit” will be shown at the Herndon High School theatre May 1st, 2nd, and 3rd at 7:30 p.m. The play is not designed for young children, but mature audiences. For more information, visit www.herndondrama.org