Letter: Appreciate Local Experts

Letter: Appreciate Local Experts

To the Editor:

The Fort Hunt community is fortunate to be home of select, small businesses that provide exceptional service and make this place as neighborly as Andy Griffith's Mayberry. I recently had plumbing issues with my toilet and shower, for which a plumber handed me a written estimate of $712. Alan and Steve of Village Hardware guided this handyman-challenged homeowner through a few basic steps that solved both problems. And they even loaned me the socket wrenches to fix it.

The plumber told me the toilet required new internal apparatus. After explaining the problem to Alan, he figured it was a simple issue of replacing the flapper. However, my wife can testify that I can make a simple home improvement task a lengthy and accursed time-waster. But Alan and Youtube made it a 5-minute job. Problem solved.

The shower was a bit more complicated. The diverter knob, which shifts the water flow from the tub up to the shower head, was broken. The plumber told me it required a new stem. After showing Alan and Steve pictures on my cellphone, they loaned me a set of socket wrenches to remove the diverter stem. I took the stem to Village Hardware, and Steve and I replaced three washers on the diverter stem. I reinstalled the diverter —- problem solved. I still have $712 (minus the $75 diagnosis fee) in my pocket.

Thank you Village Hardware, Alan and Steve. Yes, their prices are a tad more than Lowe's and Home Depot, but can anyone picture my story happening at one of those big box stores? Please support and frequent Village Hardware. They are awesome.

Sean Todd, Mount Vernon