Week in McLean

Week in McLean

An Afternoon with the Madisons in McLean

On Aug, 24, 1814, Washington was in flames. On Aug. 24, 2014 the past comes alive as McLean & Great Falls Celebrate Virginia remembers the 200th Anniversary of that searing occasion. James Madison and his wife, Dolley, will speak about the events leading up to that fateful day as well as what came after. John Douglas Hall, of the Montpelier Foundation, and Carole Herrick, a local historian, will present their recollections of the burning of Washington and their flight to Virginia.

The public is invited to An Afternoon with the Madisons starting at 2 p.m., on Sunday, Aug. 24, at the McLean Community Center, 1234 Ingleside Avenue. Roger Mudd is the honorary event chair. The event is free of charge (doors open at 1:30 p.m.) thanks to the generosity of MCC’s Lifetime Learning Program, the McLean Historical Society, the Fairfax County History Commission, the Historical Society of Fairfax County, the Friends of the McLean Community Center, the Virginia War of 1812 Commission and public-spirited individuals. Refreshments will be served by the Woman’s Club of McLean.