The BookShop Worth Exploring

The BookShop Worth Exploring

The BookShop at Claude Moore Colonial Farm is home to 80 categories of books.

Every two weeks, the BookShop at Claude Moore Colonial Farm displays a different theme. This theme centralized around India.

Every two weeks, the BookShop at Claude Moore Colonial Farm displays a different theme. This theme centralized around India. Photo by Lizzy Brown-Kaiser/The Connection

The Claude Moore Colonial Farm at Turkey Run is known for its authentic, interactive and educational programs that showcase the everyday life of Virginians during the 18th century. Although the farm is part of the National Park System, a nonprofit organization, “Friends of the Claude Moore Colonial Farm, Inc.,” runs it. The farm has been almost entirely managed by volunteers for 41 years now. After all of this time operating, the farm has evolved and expanded as a living history museum.

What initially began as a limited selection of books available for purchase only once a month has now transformed into an extensive bookshop at the Claude Moore Colonial Farm. The BookShop is home to 80 different categories of books, which feature over 15,000 different titles. Every two weeks, the BookShop displays a different array of books centralized around a specific theme. Upcoming themed displays include “Sex, Drugs & Rock N Roll plus Football,” “All Things Japan,” “Hollywood, TV & Broadway,” and more. The BookShop also organizes its products into subthemes like “The Wizard of Oz” to celebrate the book’s upcoming 75th anniversary. Books signed by their authors, antique reads, and rare editions are also available. With its diverse selection, the BookShop provides any type of bookworm with a good read. For the store’s less book savvy customers, CDs, DVDs, tapes, magazines, and ephemera such as old bookmarks and maps are also available for purchase. And for the BookShop’s customers that can’t put down their purchases, there is a reading room along with a kitchen that offers complimentary coffee and cookies. Shoppers may even be greeted by the BookShop’s residential cat, Boy.

The best part about the BookShop is that everything in the store is completely donated so customers can buy their books without breaking the bank. All proceeds made by the BookShop go towards managing Claude Moore. As a part of Claude Moore Colonial Farm, the BookShop’s mission is to provide its shoppers with a traditional 18th century environment. While the BookShop is historically accurate, it caters towards modern readers as well. The BookShop is open Wednesday through Saturday from noon until 7 p.m. through Nov. 26. Check out for more information.