Life-saving Bill Defeated

Life-saving Bill Defeated

To the Editor:

Thanks to Senator Barbara Favola, the Virginia General

Assembly had the opportunity to keep guns out of the hands of those convicted of sexual battery and the assault of family members, not permanently, but for five years following the conviction. Research shows that, in domestic conflicts, victims are five times more likely to be murdered when the abusive person has a gun. Those who advocate for gun rights oppose many reforms, like background checks, claiming they would

not stop “the bad guy with the gun.” This bill, however, was designed to do precisely that – keep guns from convicted bad guys – yet it was opposed, too. This likely life-saving legislation (SB 510) had bi-partisan support in the Virginia Senate but was defeated by the Republicans in charge of the House Courts of Justice Committee. Shame on them. They do not deserve the honor of serving the Commonwealth of

Virginia. It is time we had leaders who choose to protect victims and the vulnerable rather than criminals.

Ame Burgoyne