Letter: Best Choice for County Executive

Letter: Best Choice for County Executive

To the Editor:

Many may recognize me through my dedication to the Brickyard Coalition, which recently fought a battle for process; and we won. Connection noted, many may be surprised to learn that I have voted for Phil Andrews as our new County Executive, while the Brickyard Coalition has endorsed Doug Duncan.

Phil Andrew's platform of strengthened accountability and fiscal responsibility is what we need in our county.

I learned a lot in our battle for process. Knowing what I do now, it would be surprising for me to vote for any other County Executive candidate. This primary has consequences as important as a presidential election for Montgomery County (and will likely be felt more).

The Brickyard Coalition makes decisions based on what they/we feel is best for our community. We are a group of neighbors trying to ensure that our larger community will have the best ability to be heard and considered with issues that will affect our neighborhood. So, why did the Coalition endorse Doug Duncan for County Executive? Partial answers: Some on the coalition knew Doug from his past administrations where he helped our community (i.e.: conservation site close to Brickyard and MacArthur; neighborhood infrastructure; safety). Add that Duncan was impressive during our discussions: Definitively answering our concerns and then offering possible suggestions that the community might find amenable, with the promise of community inclusion. Doug Duncan seemed savvy in business and politics without a doubt; and he won the majority support; so, we all agreed to the Brickyard Coalition endorsement of County Executive candidate Doug Duncan.

Phil Andrew's platform of strengthened accountability and fiscal responsibility is what we need in our county.

After having gone through almost two years in court (citizen paid); reading copious amounts of discourse between the incumbent, his staff, various county departments and the Montgomery County Board of Education members regarding the Brickyard issue, I knew that I wasn't going back.

Phil Andrews isn't taking donations from any developers, PACs or Unions. Why? To dissuade any possibilities of clouded judgment. To do his utmost towards good governance. This doesn't mean that he's against business; rather, it means fair opportunity for all businesses.

If we find many people suggesting a vote for one candidate as "the lesser of two evils," while at same time speaking well of third candidate, but they feel he “won't win." May I suggest the following: If we all vote who we believe would be the best of these three candidates, then Phil Andrews will be our next County Executive - hands down.

Phil Andrews represents the type of open, accountable and fiscally responsible government that I want to be a part of. Key to all elected officials is to work with them as a community — to know that your voice matters. We all know that our voices matter to Phil — after all, he can't seem to get enough of them, and so he's knocking on our doors. As activists, parents, leaders, we must vote for the change we want — we must be the change we want to see.

And, here are some other candidates I supported with my primary election vote:

Board of Ed: Jill Ortman-Fouse

At-Large, County Council: Beth Daly and Marc Elrich.

Dist. 1, County Council: Roger Berliner

Attoney General: Brian Frosh (dedicated, all around good)

Delegate: Aruna Miller (a definite fave), Marc Korman

Md. Senate: Brian Feldman and Susan Lee

The Brickyard battle changed my life forever.

Look to the recent Virginia election: Our votes equal our voice equal our power. Use your power: Vote.

Maria Fusco, Potomac

Brickyard Coalition