Thousands Watch World Cup Match in Reston Town Center

Thousands Watch World Cup Match in Reston Town Center

Leidos and D.C. United viewing session.

Elation and disappointment.

More than 4,000 squeezed into the pavilion area Sunday evening to watch the United States play against Portugal in the FIFA World Cup game they thought was a U.S. win.

Portugal came in 30 seconds before the game ended, putting an end to the events festivities quickly with a 2-2 tie.

The event started to the beat of drums and chants by D.C. United’s La Barra Brava and Rep. Gerry Connolly.

“I believe the U.S. will win today,” he said to the crowd. “What do you think?”

The event, which showcased the U.S. team’s second game in the World Cup, was organized by Leidos, a D.C. United sponsor this year.

“This is more than we hoped for,” said Leidos Vice President and Director of Communications Melissa Koskovich. “Our company, Leidos, is a world company. Soccer is one of the most aggressively growing sports in the world.”

The event included a meet and greet with D.C. United’s players, family zone for children and two outdoor screens in the pavilion for soccer enthusiasts or just those who were curious about the game.

Reston Resident Brett Seward was among the group that does not usually follow soccer statistics.

“I don’t pay attention to soccer,” he said. “Just the World Cup. The number of people here is incredible.”

Even those who were not decked in the most red, white and blue seen outside Independence Day were jumping and screaming whenever Portugal’s advances were blocked or when the U.S. team scored a goal.

Carlos Rivera, soccer fan, said he was not prepared to see the crowd when he made the decision to go to the event.

Although he was dressed in the home team’s colors, he thought Germany was going to win the World Cup.

“We’ve been slowly creeping our way to the front,” he said, jokingly. “I grew up on soccer. The kids grew up on soccer. The World Cup brings everyone out.”