Fairfax Camp Notes

Fairfax Camp Notes

Hiring Staff for Summer Programs

The Fairfax County Park Authority has scheduled open hiring sessions to recruit summer staff for its Rec-PAC (Pretty Awesome Children) program, a six-week structured recreational program for elementary school children that runs from June 30-Aug. 7, 2014. An open hiring session will take place at the Park Authority’s headquarters in Fairfax, and another session will take place at Navy Elementary School, also in Fairfax.

Rec-PAC will operate at 50 elementary school locations around Fairfax County on weekdays this summer. Staff will be assigned to a site and work daily from 8:15 a.m.-3:45 p.m. or 11 a.m.-6 p.m. Applicants must be at least age 18 and bring an original social security card and a DMV photo I.D. Visitwww.fairfaxcounty.gov/parks/rec-pac/rec-pac-open-hires.htm for more information and applications.

Open hire sessions are scheduled on Wednesday, May 14, 5-7 p.m. at Navy Elementary school and Thursday, May 29, 11 a.m.-2:30 p.m. on the first floor of the Herrity Building. The Herrity Building is located at 12055 Government Center Parkway, Fairfax, Virginia 22035. Navy ES is located at 3500 West Ox Road, Fairfax, Virginia 22033.

For additional information, contact the Rec-PAC office by email at Recpac@fairfaxcounty.gov.

Summer Reading Programs

Find suggested summer reading lists by grade level on the Fairfax County Public Schools website at www.fcps.edu/is/summer/reading.

The Fairfax County Summer Reading Program encourages children and teens to read for pleasure during summer vacation. It is held in cooperation with Fairfax County Public Schools. The summer reading program runs June 20-Aug. 30. Children from birth to sixth grade read 15 books. Students in grades 7-12 read eight books. Learn more about the Fairfax County Public Library summer reading program www.fairfaxcounty.gov/library/srp.

In order to encourage and support reading achievement, every student who will be entering FCPS grades six through 12 in the fall must read at least one book over the summer. The follow-up in the fall will be determined by each school. The Summer Reading lists contain suggestions for reading; although students may read any other book that is approved by their parents, except where individual schools have issued their own summer reading requirements. Any school-based requirements supercede the County requirement.

Some schools and courses, particularly at the high school level, have additional summer assignments. Parents and students should inquire about summer assignments when registering at the school. Most of these assignments are posted at the individual school web sites.

FCPS students can access online digital books (ebooks): www.fcps.edu/is/libraryservices/books.shtml

The Fairfax County Public Libraries have lists of many good books for readers of all ages: www.fairfaxcounty.gov/library/reading/

Connections reading is designed to assist teachers, parents, and others working with children in selecting books that reinforce the Virginia Standards of Learning in the four core content areas of English, history, math, and science. The books in the Connections database represent a wide variety of books available for children; however, it is not inclusive of all the books available. Remember, not all books are appropriate for use with all children; read and familiarize yourself with a book before you decide to use it with children. http://itweb.fcps.edu/connections/index.cfm

School Age Child Care Camp Discovery 2014

SACC's Camp Discovery offers options that appeal to the artist, performer and athlete in every child. Camp Discovery includes opportunities for campers to participate in field trip experiences such as swimming, live performances, sporting events, outdoor play and team sports, creative experiences such as photography and recycled fashion, and theatrical performances.

Each of SACC Camp Discovery’s 26 locations offer three focus cabins children may choose to participate in. The cabins provide different experiences each session.

  • Artist’s Cabin — Campers will develop and expand their knowledge and appreciation of the visual arts as they explore a variety of art forms, techniques and mediums.

  • Performer’s Cabin — Campers will discover their talents and learn the fundamentals of theatre, dance, storytelling, puppetry, costume design and stage management as they develop and perform in a variety of productions.

  • Athlete’s Cabin — Campers will enhance their skills and develop competencies in various sports and games in an atmosphere which promotes a commitment to fitness and the value of being a team player.

Fairfax County Park Authority Camps

Fairfax County Park Authority offers a wide variety of camps, from general camps to multi-sports camps to soccer focused camps for 3-5 year olds. Visit www.fairfaxcounty.gov/parks/rec/rec_camps.htm. Here is a sample of offerings:

Variety Camps

  • Afternoon Fun Camp (6-12 yrs) — Spend the morning having fun in one of our half-day programs and the afternoon in our Summer Fun Camp. Join us for lunch, swim time and afternoon activities.

  • Camp Clemy Time (3-5 yrs) — Children are sure to enjoy their experience at Clemyjontri Park! Join us for outdoor fun on our ultimate playground. Activities also include games, crafts, songs, nature walks and water fun.

  • Junior ROCS Camp (5yr, 3mos-7yr, 11mos) — This summer really R.O.C.S. (RECenters Offer Cool Stuff). Campers enjoy swimming, arts and crafts, cooperative games and exciting themes. Campers return home daily saying “Camp ROCked!” Some camps offer special events or a field trip (additional fee may be collected) depending on the week.

  • Kiddie Camp (3-5 yrs) — Preschoolers will love the variety of fun activities including music, movement, arts and crafts, outdoor games, water play and special event. Campers must be potty trained, able to separate with ease and 3 years old by the first day of camp. Camps ending at 1 p.m., bring lunch and drink.

  • Summer R.O.C.S. Camp (8-12 yrs) — This summer R.O.C.S. (RECenters Offer Cool Stuff) campers will enjoy swimming, arts and crafts, cooperative games and exciting themes. Some camps may offer special events or a field trip (additional fee may be collected) depending on the week. Bag lunch, drink, swimsuit and towel needed daily. Campers may be transported by bus to local schools for gym use.

Single Sports Camps

  • Archery Camp (9-15 yrs) — Want to learn a new sport? Develop archery skills shooting Olympic-style (recurve) or compound bows. Learn patience, focus and attention to detail through focused instruction. Other archery related activities provide a broader introduction to the sport in general. Equipment is provided. Bring snack and drink. Download camp forms from website.

  • Baseball Beginners Camp (5-6 yrs) — This popular camp by Virginia Baseball Club introduces youngsters to hitting, fielding, throwing, catching and base running. Fun, age-appropriate drills are used to reinforce basic skills. Group interaction, cooperation and team play are emphasized. Players should bring water bottle, snack, batting helmet, glove and bat. This camp not eligible for afternoon extended care.

  • Baseball Camp (7-12 yrs) — Join us for fun competitions, skills development and games every day! The Virginia Baseball Club camp provides personalized instruction that gives players the tools and confidence needed to excel in the upcoming season. Low student ratios allow the veteran coaching staff to work closely with each player. Camps running until 4pm, will include an afternoon swim break from 2-4pm; Lake Fairfax fee includes daily trip to the Water Mine (bring swimsuit & towel). All campers bring glove, bat, helmet, water bottle, lunch and protective equipment needed daily. Only camps that go until 4pm are eligible for site extended care. No camp July 4. Download camp forms from website.

  • Basketball Summer Hoops Camp (6-14 yrs) — Dribble, shoot, score! Individual and team instruction emphasizes improvement of fundamental skills through drills, contests and games. Bring water bottle and snack daily (for full day camps, also bring lunch). Some full day camps at RECenters may swim during the session. No camp July 4. Download camp forms from website.

  • Basketball Summer Hoops Camp (7-11 yrs) — Dribble, shoot, score! Individual and team instruction emphasizes improvement of fundamental skills through drills, contests and games. Bring labeled ball, water bottle and snack daily.

  • Bike Riding Camp (6-12 yrs) — A hands-on, educational way to master the art of bicycle riding. Learn basic bike riding, steering, shifting, safety and rules of the road. This camp gives children a chance to interact with their peers while enhancing skills and enjoying the outdoors. Bring bike, bike gloves, helmet, hydro-pack or two water bottles and snack. No camp July 4. Camp questions or bike rental info, call 703-994-7617; to register, call 703-222-4664.

  • BMX/Freestyle Bike Camp (8-14 yrs) — Develop beginner and intermediate BMX/Freestyle skills. Bring your BMX/Freestyle bike, helmet, bike gloves, water bottle, and snack in labeled cooler. Bike must be in excellent mechanical condition. Camp forms available on website. No camp July 4. For questions, call 703-994-7617; to register,call 703-222-4664

  • Boys Experienced Lacrosse Camp (10-15yrs) — This full-contact camp requires campers to supply their own lacrosse stick and protective equipment (helmet, goggles, shoulder pads, arm pads gloves, mouth piece and cleats). Swim time offered daily. Bring snack, lunch and swimsuit. Download camp forms from website.

  • British Minisoccer Camp (4-6 yrs) — British soccer coaches provide an introduction to the beautiful game with the use of fun games, competitions and skill-developing activities. Future soccer stars are born as they embrace the FUNdamentals and become captivated by the world of soccer! Host a coach and get your child's camp for FREE (see website for details). No camp July 4.

  • Cheer Elite! Camp (6-15 yrs) — Join Spirit Pros and cheer your favorite team to victory! Beginner cheerleaders learn the basics while seasoned cheerleaders prepare for tryouts. Camp focuses on learning and refining skills in cheer-motions, jumps, tumbling, dance and stunts. Group and team technique includes synchronization, timing, formations and spacing. Family and friends are invited to a performance at the end of camp. Camp includes a swim break.

  • Fencing: Historical Swordsmanship(9yrs+) — Based on Renaissance and Medieval techniques, the sword fighting disciplines explored are the Rapier (the traditional dueling sword) and the Two-handed sword (knightly Medieval European sword). Practice swords used are the shinai and the foil. Students wear protective jackets, masks and gloves. A safety wavier and equipment rental fee of $49 payable to the instructor are due on the first day. A supervised lunch break is available for those enrolling in both morning and afternoon fencing sessions (bring lunch).

  • First Kicks Soccer Camp (2-3 yrs) — Join our British soccer coaches in this great introduction to the FUNdamental skills of soccer through innovative games and activities which, at first begin without a ball, but introduce the use of a soccer ball once repeated success is achieved. Parents must remain on site for duration of the camp and are encouraged to join in the fun! Host a coach and get your child's camp for FREE (see website for more details). Download camp forms from website. No camp July 4.

  • Football (non-tackle) (8-13 yrs) — This unique non-contact camp is a great way to develop and enhance skills while learning from some of the area's best coaches and players. Designed for both beginner and experienced football players. Wear shorts, t-shirt and sneakers. Full day camps will have a swim break and should bring snack, lunch, water bottle, swimsuit and towel. Download camp forms from website.