Letter: Bipartisan Voice

Letter: Bipartisan Voice

To the Editor:

I believe there is always a way to reach common ground with people I don't immediately see eye to eye with. But like many people, I have grown frustrated with politicians who are more interested in partisan talking points and political image than in compromise. Finding common ground in my everyday life is important to me and those around me — and it should be to elected officials as well.

Mark Warner's actions prove he believes the same thing. When I voted for him for governor, and again for senator, he said he would work with his Republican colleagues to find common ground — because that's what's good for Virginia. And that's what he did.

When he was governor, he worked with Republicans to pass one of the largest funding increases to K-12 education in recent memory — and he did it by compromising, not by butting heads. Just this week, he worked with House Republican Darrell Issa to pass the DATA Act, which will make our government more open and accountable.

Actions like these make me proud that Senator Warner represents my voice in some of the most important conversations happening in Washington. He's been a consistent, bipartisan voice in the conversation on immigration reform, for example, and the need to secure our borders while also keeping our country open to bright young minds. He has also introduced legislation with Republican Senator Marco Rubio to expand opportunities for graduate students to obtain science and technology visas.

Of course, like many things in life, there is room for compromise on the issue of immigration reform. I know Senator Warner has done his part to support sensible solutions to complicated problems. Like many Virginians, I'm ready for the rest of Washington to do its part.

Virginia Lindahl