Letter: Successful Family Fun Night

Letter: Successful Family Fun Night

— To the Editor:

The May 16 Family Fun Night at Chinquapin Recreation and Aquatic Center was a great success. There seemed to be representation from nearly all of the elementary schools in the city.

I would like to offer a special thank you to Pree Ann Johnson, the principal at James K. Polk Elementary, for the great support she gave to make the Family Fun Night at Chinquapin Aquatic Center such a big success. The enthusiasm and encouragement she shared with her students and parents brought a large number of participants to the fun event.

Many parents chose to swim with the children while others enjoyed visiting deck side. Most of the participants stayed for the entire three-hour event only leaving when the whistle for closing blew. The blow-up obstacle course was a big hit as well as the opportunity to bring blow-up rings and rafts.

The Polk PTA should also receive thanks for sharing the word through their PTA communication line.

Everyone seemed to have a great time. Please watch for future Family Fun Nights at Chinquapin. Information is posted on the Parks & Recreation website as well as the Chinquapin Recreation & Aquatic websites.



Carolyn Griglione