Letter: ‘Real Jobs’ and ‘Real Taxes’

Letter: ‘Real Jobs’ and ‘Real Taxes’

To the Editor

To the Editor:

In Leesburg on August 21, Supervisor John Foust, in discussing his opponent Delegate Barbara Comstock, said "I don't think [Comstock's] even had a real job." This is a stunning statement given that he surely knows that Delegate Comstock, a lawyer, has served as a congressional staffer, a federal employee, a partner in a law firm, and a small business owner. This is in addition to serving for three terms in the Virginia General Assembly and raising three children.

Why does Supervisor Foust think these jobs are not "real?" Was this an effort to persuade his audience, that Delegate Comstock is unqualified for the U.S. Congress because she is unfamiliar with the work place? Or was this an effort to distract from the real domestic and foreign policy issues that should be debated by those who aspire to serve in the U.S. Congress? Or merely an attempt to demean Delegate Comstock?

Northern Virginia voters need to know if Supervisor Foust believes that federal employees, congressional staffers, lawyers, and small business owners are not working "real" jobs. They are paying "real" taxes - something near and dear to Supervisor Foust judging from his voting record to increased property taxes and his proposal for a restaurant/meals tax.

The 10th Congressional District has been represented with honor, integrity and distinction for the past 34 years by Congressman Frank Wolf. Voters deserve to hear the candidates' views on crucial economic and foreign policy issues that will come before Congress. I expect Supervisor Foust to discuss the substantive issues and refrain from personal attacks on Delegate Comstock.

Sara Brady