Letter: Continue to Support Officers Who Do Good

Letter: Continue to Support Officers Who Do Good

Letter to the Editor

I have been very impressed with how powerful this local newspaper has been concerning our Fairfax County Police. In particular Mary Kimm has been very supportive of those of us who have been attacked by a few members of the police department. This whole effort has been a great example of the power of an independent press to make this a better place to live.

I would also like to encourage citizens to support the 99 percent of the officers working as Fairfax County Police officers who do a very professional and compassionate job. We are very lucky to have so many motivated and professional Police Officers protecting us. In this whole mess with the lack of transparency over shootings let’s not forget we have a great bunch of officers protecting us from criminals every day. I imagine that there are a lot of officers who think all of the citizens in this County do not respect or like them. We all should let them know when we can that we appreciate their professional hard work. When an officer helps you out, send a note to the station expressing your support.

Phil Boughton