Letter: A Positive Campaign

Letter: A Positive Campaign

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I believe that electing Allison Silberberg as the next mayor of Alexandria is the most reasonable, respectful, and logical choice that an intelligent and informed voter can make. We get the government that we deserve. As a professional educator of 43 years, I am impressed with her stance on education. She believes that changing the lives of children can be done one child at a time through the mentoring program, which she has done. Her passion for the poor is evident every time she votes for more affordable housing. Allison believes that our working professionals such as police officers, hospital workers, and teachers should be able to afford to live in Alexandria. Allison believes that eminent domain should be used only extreme cases. While she loves to see more open space and beautiful parks, she worked with other city officials to see that an amicable solution for the Old Dominion Boat Club was reached. As soon as she was elected to the City Council, she studied our city’s budget. She was and remains appalled at our city’s debt. We must find a way to pay down our debt. Allison actually believes that the city works for the people. The program “Call-Click-Connect” while not perfect should make this city work for its citizens.

Allison believes that government is of the people. She instituted monthly coffees where anyone can come and voice their concerns. It is here where she has brought the Old Town residents and the West Enders together to listen to both sides of the issues from resident-only parking to a brand new empty firehouse. As Allison listens to the people she serves, she attempts to reason with her fellow colleagues, but has on more than one occasion fearlessly cast her one vote knowing that she will stand alone. I for one applaud her courage and hope that, in the next vote, she gains more support.

Allison believes in preserving the natural history and historical buildings of our great city. When she learned of the great state of disrepair of our City Hall, she simply stated: “Fix it.” Can anyone imagine our continuous Farmer’s Market from the days of George Washington without the historical buildings surrounding it?

Finally and most important of all, as we were lining up behind her in the St Patrick’s Day Parade, she gave us all a stern lecture. “We will not run a negative campaign.” We will not tear down what has gone before us. We just have a different view of what Alexandria can become. I believe that if you really take the time to know and talk with Allison and she is quite accessible, you will make no better choice than voting for Allison as our next mayor.

Terrie Simpson