Letter: Why Not Run?

Letter: Why Not Run?

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I have been amazed at the number of conversations suggesting that Mayor Euille should simply “fall in line” and “endorse the primary winner.” I am not advocating for Mayor Euille or for Vice Mayor Allison Silberberg. On one hand, Mayor Euille could do what the vice mayor’s supporters suggest. However, it is not un-democratic for Mayor Euille to consider a write-in campaign. It does not harm the city for him to do so. The rules of our democratic government allow for it. Just as those same rules allow for Vice Mayor Silberberg and any other citizen of the city to run. If Mayor Euille believes he has a better vision and plan for the city’s future, why not let him run. No one will be forced

to vote for him.

What is it about Mayor Euille’s candidacy that concerns Vice Mayor Silberberg’s supporters?

Mark Sloan