Commentary: Potomac Offers ‘A Sense of Place’

Commentary: Potomac Offers ‘A Sense of Place’

Newcomers & Community Guide

If you are a newcomer to Potomac, you are in for a real treat — as living there for 20-plus years showed me every day.

Each of us has different aspects of a community that we are passionate about. Mine is the environment. And in Potomac, that passion has been so fully satisfied. To this day, I marvel at the elemental wildness of the Potomac River so close to the heart of the free world. I enjoy fly fishing on it or simply finding a nice spot and letting the rest of the day’s concerns float away like the current before me.

And access isn’t limited to the hardy. The C&O Canal, one of the National Park Services’ most popular parks, affords all of us an equal opportunity to appreciate the splendor of nature. With more than 5 million visitors annually, the C&O Canal offers wonderful hiking trails and beautiful views of the Potomac River. When the canal was badly damaged by a hurricane in 2008, I was pleased to work with Congressman Chris Van Hollen and the state of Maryland to secure the necessary funding to restore the canal to its status as one of the Park Service’s treasures.

Potomac is more than beautiful of course. It has some of the finest residential neighborhoods anywhere; it has some of the finest schools anywhere; and it has one of the finest privately owned museums in the world in Glenstone. It has great golf courses; fine restaurants; and an active citizenry that works hard to protect what is truly special about Potomac.

Ask anyone you meet on a crisp autumn morning at the Potomac Day Parade. Ask the person you pass hiking the Billie Goat Trail. Ask any of your new neighbors that moved to Potomac “for the schools” but have lingered long after their children donned graduation caps (with honors). They will tell you that beyond the beautiful parks, the outstanding schools, the top-notch golf courses, in Potomac you will find a genuine sense of place. A strong and vibrant community nestled just outside the nation’s capital.

It has been my privilege to represent Potomac on the Montgomery County Council since 2006. Now it is my privilege to welcome you to Potomac — and to welcome you home.