Police Warn of Telephone Scam

Police Warn of Telephone Scam

The Arlington County Police Department and Sheriff’s Office is warning the public about a missed jury duty telephone scam targeting residents.

The latest incident was reported Jan. 26 where a resident received a phone call from an individual claiming to be a lieutenant with the Sheriff’s Office. The victim was accused of failing to appear for jury duty and a warrant for their arrest was to be issued unless a fine is paid. The suspect asked for a “good faith” payment to be made immediately with a debit card and PIN number. The victim provided this information to the suspect and fraudulent charges appeared in the victim’s account.

If residents receive similar calls, they should hang up with the caller and verify the claim by calling the Arlington County Sheriff’s Office at 703-228-4460. Police advise: Never use a phone number provided by the caller to verify their credibility. Also, never provide personal PIN numbers to anyone over the phone. There is never a need to provide a personal PIN, this is a fraudulent request.

To file an online police report, visit http://police.arlingtonva.us/online-police-reporting-system/ or call the non-emergency police line at 703-558-2222.