Celebrating Black History Month

Celebrating Black History Month

Reston Historic Trust (RHT) and Museum, in partnership with United Christian Parish, will present a program to celebrate Black History Month on Thursday, Feb. 26, 7 - 9 p.m., at the United Christian Parish Church, 11408 North Shore Drive, Reston, Rooms 113-115.

Rev. Laverne Gill, creator and producer of the Comcast television show Reston's African American Legacy, and Laura Thomas, retired educator and long time Reston resident, will moderate the panel discussion, video presentation and community dialogue. Panel members include:

  • Bob Secundy, a Reston resident since 1967 who was active in the Reston Black Focus and Fairfax County government;

  • Martin Taylor, resident since 1972 who is now an aide to Fairfax County Supervisor Catherine M. Hudgins working on housing, human services and budget issues; and

  • Two South Lakes High School students.

The video portion of the program features interviews by Rev. Gill from her television show.

Admission is free.

For more information, call Reston Museum at 703-709-7700, email restonmuseum@gmail.com, or visit www.restonmuseum.org.

Former Visitors Center

Should the Reston Association purchase the Tetra property at 11450 Baron Cameron Ave.?

Should the Reston Association, acting through the Board of Directors, borrow up to $2.65 million to purchase the property and use it for future community and recreation uses?

The Reston Association’s Board of Directors will hold a public hearing on Thursday, Feb. 26 to gather feedback on Reston Association’s referendum question concerning purchasing the Tetra property. Another public hearing is currently scheduled for March 26.

The Board also seeks input on the best uses for the facility during Thursday’s public hearing.

The Reston Association Board of Directors meeting is scheduled for 6 p.m. at 12001 Sunrise Valley Drive.

The Board voted last month to approve sending the issue of purchasing the Tetra Property (the former Reston Visitor’s Center) to referendum. The voting period is tentatively scheduled for April 13 to May 8.

The Board of Directors hopes to announce the referendum results on May 11.

Call 703-435-6570 or visit the web site at www.reston.org.

Community Summit Saturday

Hunter Mill Supervisor Cathy Hudgins will host a Community Summit on Saturday, Feb. 28 at Herndon’s Frying Pan Park, 2709 West Ox Road.

The event is scheduled to begin at 8:30 a.m. and Hudgins will “kick-off” the presentations by giving residents a “virtual field trip” of the Hunter Mill District at 9 a.m.

County Executive Ed Long will present his proposed budget after Chairman Sharon Bulova discusses the county’s priorities. Hunter Mill School Board member Pat Hynes is scheduled to give a report on the schools.

In addition to giving the public a chance to ask questions, Hudgins plans a “Hunter Mill Huddle,” ideas from policy makers in the Hunter Mill District, especially focusing on human services needs.

The Fairfax County Department of Taxation will address questions about the Fairfax County real estate tax.

See fairfaxcounty.gov/huntermill

Townhouse Fire

A faulty fireplace flue caused insulation in the attic of a Reston townhouse to ignite on Saturday, Feb. 21, according to Fairfax County Fire and Rescue investigators.

Firefighters encountered heavy smoke from the roof of the three-story townhouse on Gunsmith Square, and “quickly extinguished the fire” located in the attic area.

“Three occupants were home when the fire broke out and escaped unharmed,” according to the Fire and Rescue Department.

Damage was estimated to be $14,000, according to the fire department. Functioning smoke alarms were in the home but did not activate since the fire was in the attic area.

The fire and rescue department responded to the townhouse at approximately 7 p.m. last Saturday.

The Fire and Rescue department offered the following safety tips:

Ensure that the chimney is cleaned and inspected by a licensed professional once a year.

Make sure a spark arrestor is across the top of a chimney to prevent sparks from igniting the roof.

Have a sturdy screen across the front of a fireplace to prevent embers from flying or logs from rolling out of the fireplace.

Store ashes into a metal container with a lid when cleaning the fireplace; never use a cardboard box or paper bag.

Follow manufacturers instructions carefully; many non-masonry fireplace/chimney units have limits on the amount of heat they can withstand.

Election Time: Reston Association

Seven candidates have filed to run for the four open seats on the Reston Association’s Board of Directors. The association has a nine-member board that sets policy on finance and budget, personnel and compensation policies, and planning and program strategies.

Each candidate’s certified statements are available at www.reston.org

Ballots are scheduled to be mailed to members on Monday, March 2 when voting begins at 5 p.m. A candidates’ forum is scheduled for 7 p.m. on Monday, March 2.

Voting runs through March 30.

The results will be announced at the April 14 Annual Members’ Meeting.

Hunter Mill Road

The Fairfax County Department of Transportation began a study of Hunter Mill Road between Sunrise Valley Drive and the Colvin Run Bridge, according to Hunter Mill Supervisor Cathy Hudgins.

A community meeting was scheduled Wednesday, Feb. 25 at Lake Anne Elementary School, after the Connection’s press time, to present preliminary findings. Contact the Hunter Mill District Office at 703-478-0283 for more information.

Wheels of Support

The Reston Community Center seeks volunteer drivers to give rides to adults 55 and older who cannot drive.

The RCC recently launched NV Rides Reston, a transportation program that offers door-to-door rides to help older adults get to medical appointments, important engagements and social activities.

RCC seeks to address the need for affordable and accessible transportation for the growing population of older adults in Reston, according to Beverly Cosham, Chairman of RCC Board of Governors.

The program seeks to be a part of the “caring infrastructure” that allows people who can’t drive to continue to live in their own homes and neighborhoods as they age.

See www.restoncommunitycenter.com/about-reston/nv-rides-reston/become-a-driver.

-- Ken Moore