Three Reston Developers to Support Best of Reston

Three Reston Developers to Support Best of Reston

Cornerstones and the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce have announced that Boston Properties, Comstock, and The JBG Companies, have joined together to serve as chairs of the 2015 Best of Reston Awards for Community Service.

The Best of Reston Awards is produced by Cornerstones and the Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce, a partnership which began 24 years ago to celebrate the individuals, civic/community organizations and small and large businesses that maintain a shared vision of a strong and dynamic community. This year’s event will honor seven individuals, organizations and businesses for their distinctive community service to making the Reston/Herndon community a better place in which to live, play and work and serve.

Selection of the co-chairs was a thoughtful process in identifying corporate leaders who are part of the future of Reston, who serve on boards of local nonprofit organizations, and who support community and corporate philanthropy. Competitors in business but sharing a commitment to community, these three companies have each demonstrated a sustained responsibility for fostering beauty, both structural and natural, providing a range of housing to meet a variety of income levels and a respect for what makes Reston unique and special.

The 2015 BOR goals build on the success of the record-breaking $1,178,000 that was raised through the 2013-2014 Best of Reston Community Service Awards and doubled Cornerstones stock of affordable housing in our community. The apartments at North Point brought Cornerstones’ stock of affordable housing from 53 to a total of 101 units across northwestern Fairfax County. The apartment units will provide permanent safe, attractive and affordable housing for individuals and working families who cannot afford the high rents in Fairfax County.

Looking to the future, the Best of Reston Awards, led by chairs Pete Otteni, vice president - development for Boston Properties; Maggie Parker, director of communications and public outreach for Comstock; Matt Valentini, vice president at The JBG Companies, will help shape the next 50 years—working together to secure a legacy as impactful as what came before—annually telling the stories of awardees and continued work in the community that contributes to a thriving and collaborative region.