Letter: Passing The Baton

Letter: Passing The Baton

Letter to the Editor

Last week, Dan Storck won the Democratic nomination for Mount Vernon District supervisor. Dan has been my partner serving Mount Vernon residents on the School Board for the last 12 years. He has fought every day over that time to improve the quality of our schools, build new ones like the South County High School, Laurel Hill Elementary School and South County Middle School as well as expand current facilities to meet future needs. Dan's adroit business sense, as a small business owner, has helped to streamline the Fairfax County School Board budget, where as chairman of the School Board and as chairman of the Smart Savings Task Force, Dan found and made millions of dollars of reductions making the school system more efficient. At the same time, Dan has expanded Advanced Placement centers and Head Start programs among many other accomplishments he will share with you over the coming months.

Over the last 28 years we have transformed the Richmond Highway corridor, improved our schools, strengthened our public safety organizations, saved Mount Vernon Hospital, and protected and improved our neighborhoods. Dan Storck is ready to take the baton and keep running at full speed from day one to continue to make our lives better. Dan ran a strong, grassroots campaign and feels as I do, that citizens determine what is best for them and what government should do for them. I encourage all Mount Vernon residents to rally behind him, support his vision for the future of to carry him forward to victory in November. Dan has my enthusiastic and full support to be your next Mount Vernon District supervisor.

Gerry Hyland

Mount Vernon District Supervisor