Letter: Defend Voters

Letter: Defend Voters

Letter to the Editor

The following is an open letter to Gov. Terry McAuliffe.

Dear Governor McAuliffe,

When you visited our Pre-Session Round Table Luncheon in December 2013, we in the League of Women Voters were thrilled to hear you say, “I think we should do everything we can to make voting as easy as possible in Virginia.”

You have kept your word, and have been a wonderful friend to voters in Virginia. We were proud to sit near the front when you announced budget money for new voting equipment, at your press conference in Virginia Beach – and to lobby for that budget line.

Now a bill has been passed by both houses, requiring citizens who apply for absentee ballots to include a photocopy of their valid photo ID. There is no real purpose to this bill, beyond making it harder to vote – because registrars have no photo with which to compare the mailed copy.

This measure would have especially harsh effects on the old, the poor, the disabled, and the homebound – depriving them of an easy way to vote if traveling presents a challenge.

A number of organizations – including many in the electoral board and registrar associations – oppose this bill. The League stood with them to lobby against this suppressive measure. And now we ask you, with great respect: Please veto House Bill 1318.

We are counting on your strong promise to defend voters in Virginia. Thank you again for all you do for citizens.

Anne Sterling

President, League of Women Voters of Virginia