Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Northam, a Steady Hand for Governor

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Northam, a Steady Hand for Governor

Lt. Governor Ralph Northam is the experienced progressive candidate we need to serve as our next Governor to keep moving Virginia forward. He has worked tirelessly alongside Gov. Terry McAuliffe to support veterans, to expand healthcare, to protect civil rights, and to bring jobs to Virginia. McAuliffe and Northam have decreased Virginia’s unemployment rate and have increased Virginia’s per capita personal income.

Northam is able to reach across the aisle – a skill that is sorely needed – while also holding firm to his values. Most importantly, Northam will act as a last line of defense against the very conservative bills that the Republican-led House of Delegates and state Senate often bring to the floor.

In the last legislative session Gov. McAuliffe vetoed 18 proposed bills that included efforts to cut support to Planned Parenthood, impose more requirements on voter registration, restrict absentee voting and expand access to handguns. It was only due to the Governor’s veto pen that we were saved from having these bills become law. Virginia does not need to go down that road again of vaginal ultrasound bills or bathroom bills, laws that would make Virginia a laughing stock and harm efforts to improve our economic development.

Northam is a steady and tested legislator who understands Virginia and who – along with Justin Fairfax and Mark Herring – deserves our vote on November 7.

Barbara Glakas