Letter: Considering Women Leaders

Letter: Considering Women Leaders

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

"Is your dress Valentino or Chanel?" This is the burning question for the potential Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton as she embarks on a political campaign trail for the 2016 elections. Despite her numerous accomplishments from serving as New York State senator to becoming the Secretary of State, her potential is measured by what she has chosen to wear in the evening.

As we reflect on Women's History Month in 2015, it is disappointing that we, as Americans, cannot handle the idea of a woman holding the most important position in the world. Meanwhile, four developing (majority Muslim) countries have had female heads of state. This list includes Bangladesh, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Turkey. While these nations are not the ideal picture of free and just states, their societies recognize that women can be just as effective leaders as men. Islam has a powerful impact on this notion as it promotes women to participate and lead in a society. Although these states don't embody the best of Islam, it can be noted that looks were not a relevant factor in Benazir Bhutto's rise to power or Khaleda Zia's return to the Prime Minister office. Let's continue to be leaders in this world by following this beautiful example.

Shumaila Ahmad