Letter: Turning Vision Into Action

Letter: Turning Vision Into Action

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Mount Vernon is at a crossroads. We are confronted with a unique set of challenges that require a broad set of skills and experience to get things done.

The transportation challenge is how to build flexible, adaptable transportation systems that can alleviate the choke points on the Richmond Highway corridor while contributing to new opportunities for walkable, sustainable commercial and residential development. As a Fairfax County planning commissioner, I have worked on transportation solutions. As your supervisor, I will lead the effort to plan for new mass transit and advocate for transportation improvements along the Richmond Highway corridor.

When it comes to economic development and renewal, the challenge is how to create new, vibrant retail and residential centers and employment opportunities while preserving communities and the quality of life we enjoy. The answer is making sure that developers, businesses and government are working with us in creating and implementing our vision for Mount Vernon. As your supervisor, I bring my civic and Planning Commission experience of working with communities and civic associations in the district to make sure your voice is heard in the planning process.

The challenge for education is better collaboration between the Board of Supervisors and the School Board. I already have spoken publicly about my commitment to make space in my supervisor’s office for a satellite office for our next Mount Vernon School Board member. We need stronger advocacy for our students and teachers in Mount Vernon schools to address the challenge of overcrowded classrooms and the additional resources that are necessary to meet the needs of our diverse student population.

I am very proud to have been endorsed by state Sen. Toddy Puller. In her statement, she said, “Tim has the vision, integrity and experience to be a great supervisor.” As your next supervisor, I look forward to working with you to implement our vision for Mount Vernon.

Tim Sargeant

Candidate for Mount Vernon District supervisor