Letter: Dumfries Honors Toddy Puller

Letter: Dumfries Honors Toddy Puller

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Town of Dumfries Mayor Jerry Foreman presented state Senator Linda “Toddy” Puller a Town Resolution at her home in Alexandria, honoring her years of service as a delegate and senator for the State of Virginia.

Senator Puller is an outstanding individual; I have supported her efforts in the past and remain committed to her efforts. As a Marine and a proponent of transportation, veterans benefits, education, economic development and ensuring our first responders are taken care of .... these are the same concerns Senator Puller has advocated.

Toddy has served the 36th Senatorial District of Virginia with distinction and has always fought for her constituents with a firm commitment to resolve concerns; and has earned the admiration and high regard from fellow General Assembly members, as well as from constituents she has proudly served for many years. Senator Puller, 36th Senatorial District of Virginia, is recognized for her leadership, dedication, and unselfish distinguished public service to Virginia and the citizens of the Town of Dumfries.

It is with gratitude and best wishes from the Town Council, staff, and all the citizens of the Town of Dumfries be extended to Senator Puller for continued good health, good fortune, and happiness in a pleasurable retirement and all other future endeavors.

Gerald “Jerry” Foreman


Town of Dumfries