Letter: Major Events Need Parking

Letter: Major Events Need Parking

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Today I am writing in reference to our newest school building. The building that was built to hold more than 700 students. The other night there was a very big event for all of ACPS. Many people were bused in from other parts of the city. The parking lot was so crowded, cars were circling the block to find whatever parking they could. When the building was built, they made the cafeteria area very small, maybe to hold only about 50 students at a time. The parking lot had 126 parking spaces, now the spaces are fewer and the spaces are closer together making it difficult for some of the oversize vehicles to park.

The event was advertised as the launch of “ACPS 2020: Every Student Succeeds.” No one who organized this event ever took into consideration how many people they were bringing to this school. Nor to the neighborhood for an event. The event was even worse than the “First Night Out” events that always overcrowd the city streets and neighborhoods.

ACPS needs to take into consideration how much parking is needed for such events, they need to take into consideration how much space is actually available at this school. Even if there is enough class space for up to 700 students, there is not that much open space within the building. The halls were so crowded one could barely walk through. They advertised free pizza, popcorn, and hot chocolate. People were just crowding everywhere trying to get whatever they could. The cafeteria was overcrowded, the lobby was overcrowded.

The after-school program is usually based out of the cafeteria until 6 p.m., they had to go to an upper level of the school moving their equipment, games, etc. It was difficult maneuvering through the building to get to the upper floor to retrieve my child. Such large school events should be sponsored at the larger schools, maybe at T.C. Williams where they have a larger parking area. Anywhere but at Jefferson Houston Elementary School.

Bea Porter