Letter: Police Efforts Improving

Letter: Police Efforts Improving

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

After the first public meeting, the police chief asked me to meet with him so he could explain the steps he put in place based on my letter to him. He spent 45 minutes with me explaining all of the significant steps he has taken to prevent citizens like me from being "attacked" as I was. I believe he listened to my complaint and has taken substantial steps to prevent this from happening again.

I attended the recent Ad Hoc Police Review Commission meeting. I was very impressed with the report from the "Use of Force Subcommittee." I believe that everyone involved in this effort is close to being on the same page. I think we now need to let the county supervisors turn the suggestions into policy if need be. I feel that Chief Roessler has already implemented many of the suggestions.

The protestors at the last meeting were rude, disruptive and at the wrong meeting. They seem to not be knowledgeable that the jail is run by the Sheriff and not the county police. Their behavior was disgusting and prevented several people from giving proper reports. Many people have worked very hard for the past months to make our county better and I was disgusted by these rock throwers that prevented the hard work to

be reported out.

Phil Boughton