Letter: An Important Election

Letter: An Important Election

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

The election on Nov. 3 is important; funding for our schools, transportation improvements and services will all be decided by the newly-elected Board of Supervisors. Supervisors will be faced with the challenge of doing more with less; as our population grows and our demographics change, we will need strong leaders, experienced in dealing with budgets and accommodating community needs. I want to be the Sully District Supervisor representing you when these big decisions are made, and I’m asking for your vote.

As your School Board member for the past 13 years, I have listened to your concerns and acted on your behalf. I share your moderate views and have worked in a non partisan way to get things done. I have been a good steward of your hard earned tax dollars, and always put students first.

I voted against giving the School Board a raise, because it didn’t seem fair when we had asked our teachers and other county employees to forego raises. Since 2008, the school budget has been decreased by nearly half a billion dollars.

As supervisor, I will work full-time to protect the quality of our schools, find solutions to our traffic congestion, and make sure that services are available to those who need them most, including our growing senior population. This is not the time for partisan bickering; it’s the time for consensus – building and problem solving. If elected, I will seek innovative and efficient solutions to our most pressing issues.

It has been an honor to serve as your school board representative and I ask that you vote for me to serve you as your next Sully supervisor.

Kathy L. Smith

Candidate for Sully District Supervisor