Potomac Brief: Walt Whitman Raises $51,566

Potomac Brief: Walt Whitman Raises $51,566

For the fourth straight year, Walt Whitman High School received top honors in the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s (LLS) Student Series High School Challenge program (Pennies For Patients) — bringing in a total of $51,566.29. In recognition of its achievements, Walt Whitman High School will be linked to an LLS research portfolio.

Walt Whitman High School’s Student Series student leader, Carolyn Hoover, attributes the school’s success this year to their increased commitment to the mission as a community and keeping the ultimate goal in the forefront — finding cures.

Thanks to LLS’s partners at Pepco, selected students at Walt Whitman High School will be awarded with a summer internship to sharpen the leadership skills displayed throughout the challenge. The internship will be completed at Pepco’s headquarters in Washington, D.C. over an eight-week period where the student will assist the Corporate Citizenship and Social Responsibility Department.