Alexandria Letter: Evaluate Each Felon

Alexandria Letter: Evaluate Each Felon

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I am disappointed in the Alexandria Gazette Packet’s editorial stance [“Voting for Former Felons and Others,” July 21], joining our current governor’s campaign to restore voting rights to 206,000 convicted felons. Once they are out of jail, the governor and the editor cite the felons’ sentences are complete; their votes will invigorate our democracy.

My contention: Neither the editor nor Governor McAuliffe know for sure if any felon’s sentence is complete; we the public certainly don’t know either. Unless we are given more information about these tens of thousands of former felons, I am strongly suspect next to none of any fines imposed on them for their criminal conduct have been paid. If that’s the case, then it strikes me their sentences have not been completed, especially if they have not completed their probation.

What’s sad is both the governor and the editor did not demand that each felon’s sentence be assessed to ensure whether their probation has been completed, or if fines imposed as a condition of their sentence have been paid to their victims or to the courts. Moreover, why give them voting rights if they are in jail in another state for another felony?

Instead, our governor acting as emperor is planning to use an autopen to sign 206,000 individual letters restoring every felon the right to vote.

Let’s face it: the governor, a Democrat and former fundraiser for the Clintons, wants them on the voting rolls as soon as possible.

He wants them on the voting rolls not because he’s done his homework and is confident these former felons have fulfilled their figurative and literal debt to society and made restitution where required to their victims; instead, Emperor McAuliffe wants their voting privilege restored because he believes they will vote for a Democrat out of gratitude. Shame on him.

Jimm Roberts