Arlington Letter: Hurdles to Clean Energy

Arlington Letter: Hurdles to Clean Energy

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Bella Jones [Letter, “Benefits of Clean Energy,” June 22] is right that “a strong, growing clean energy sector could provide an abundance of high-paying jobs” in the Commonwealth (“Benefits of Clean Energy,” June 21), and she is also right that “Virginia could be a leader in clean energy.” Unfortunately, we are far from such leadership. While our neighbors West Virginia and North Carolina have seen strong investment in energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other advanced energy technologies, Virginia lags behind, missing opportunities for market growth, innovation and thousands of jobs. Our slow progress is not for lack of effort: Gov. McAuliffe has attempted to spark in Virginia the transition already underway in other states. However, he has been thwarted at every turn by a legislature determined to block sensible, forward-thinking energy policies. Looking around the country, it’s clear Virginia risks missing out on jobs and economic development if legislators continue to resist the transition to advanced energy.

Dylan Reed

Advanced Energy Economy

Washington, D.C.