Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Aiming for True ‘Eco-city’

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Aiming for True ‘Eco-city’

The chaos across the river this summer virtually drowned out some extremely good news for Alexandrians.

At the 2017 Conference of Mayors in Florida, Mayor Allison Silberberg signed a commitment to transition Alexandria’s entire energy portfolio to clean, renewable energy by 2035. She joined more than 130 U.S. mayors who have pledged to steer their city toward 100 percent renewables. They, like so many citizens, understand that clean energy is a boon for city budgets, public health, new jobs and businesses, and economic growth — as well as a healthy environment.

But is it feasible? Completely! Renewable energy has come of age. Renewables, including wind and solar, now generate electricity for less than the cost of oil, coal, and in some cases even natural gas.

Not only that — renewable energy now ranks among the fastest-growing sectors of our economy. Today the solar sector employs more people than oil, gas, and coal combined. The country’s fastest-growing occupation? Wind technician!

Despite its obvious benefits and inevitability, the energy transition has stalled at the national level. We commend Mayor Silberberg and the many other local and state elected officials who are committed to keep the progress going.

Mayor Silberberg is to be commended for this move toward transforming Alexandria into a true “Eco-city.” Alexandrians look forward to seeing the City Council back up this pledge with planning and action.

Carole Douglis

Alexandrians for Clean, Renewable Energy (ACRE);

Sierra Club