Mount Vernon: MVHS Teacher Studies at Estate

Mount Vernon: MVHS Teacher Studies at Estate


Kenneth Trotman

Kenneth Trotman, a history and social studies teacher at Mount Vernon High School, was one of 160 educators from across the nation selected to participate in the George Washington Teacher’s Institute, a four-day residential professional development program, at the Mount Vernon Estate this summer. Institute participants included K-12 teachers, librarians, and media specialists in a competitive application process.

In addition to studying the context of 18th century slavery and the individual lives of members of Mount Vernon’s enslaved population, institute participants learned about Washington’s, and their own, ideas about slavery. They used primary sources and archaeological evidence to explore ways to broaden students’ understanding of slavery and the challenges of teaching slavery and race in today’s classroom.

Trotman has been with FCPS for five years and taught at Mountain View Alternative Learning Center before coming to Mount Vernon High School. He also taught at a Juvenile Detention Center in Fredericksburg, as well as an International School in Cambodia. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his family, including two young sons, as well as playing pick-up basketball and riding bikes.