Alexandria Letter: Issues Not Attacks

Alexandria Letter: Issues Not Attacks

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

My wife and I were slow in deciding our votes in the upcoming presidential election. We determined eventually to support Secretary Clinton on the basis of her greater experience and more presidential demeanor. Having reached that conclusion, we designed a sign expressing our reasons. We erected it in front of our house three weeks ago.

Since then it has been vandalized three times — the guy wires have been cut and the material slashed. Our visceral reaction on seeing the vandalism for the first time was to think ill of Trump supporters in general but on reflection, we recognize that vandals are likely the exception even among the bellicose and excitable crowd who viscerally defame Secretary Clinton. We hope that in the final weeks of the campaign we can turn to serious discourse about the issues and stop the endless, enervating and exaggerated personal attacks on both candidates.

Craig Miller