Opinion: Editorial: So Many Chances to Vote

Opinion: Editorial: So Many Chances to Vote

Next up, Fairfax County School Board At-Large, Aug. 29.

Do we have election fatigue? Or are we still reeling from last November’s election? Every year is an election year in Virginia, and some years offer multiple opportunities.

Either way, every voter in Virginia had a chance to choose a Gubernatorial candidate from one party or the other in the primary election on June 13.

Now in Fairfax County, a countywide special election for School Board at-large will take place on Aug. 29, with absentee in-person voting already underway. Four candidates are on the ballot, Chris S. Grisafe, Sandra D. Allen, Karen A. Keys-Gamarra and Michael H. Owens. To read our story about the candidates, see www.connectionnewspapers.com/news/2017/jul/31/low-turnout-high-stakes-special-election-school-bo/

Absentee voting for the special election is by mail or at the Fairfax County Government Center, 12000 Government Center Pkwy., Suite 323, Fairfax, through Aug. 25. Times: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.; Thursday, 8 a.m. - 7 p.m.

Then comes the General Election on Nov. 7, with every House of Delegates seat on the ballot along with the race for governor. Lieutenant governor and attorney general are also on the ballot.

To vote in the General Election on Nov. 7, the deadline to register to vote, or update an existing registration, is Monday, Oct 16. In-person absentee voting begins Sept. 22, with the last day of Nov. 4.

For Fairfax County information: Voter Registration: 703-222-0776, TTY 711; Absentee Fax: 703-324-3725, Email: voting@fairfaxcounty.gov


To see what’s on your ballot: http://www.electi...">www.elections.vir...

To check that you are registered to vote at your current address: http://vote.elect...">vote.elections.vi...

To find a registration office where you can obtain photo ID, even on the day of an election, visit: http://vote.elect...">vote.elections.vi...

To read about candidates for the Aug. 29 special election for Fairfax County School Board: http://www.connec...">www.connectionnew...

Voter Identification in Virginia

You will need to show one acceptable photo identification card (photo ID) whenever you vote in person. This is Virginia law for all voters.

Photo IDs can be used to vote up to one year after the ID has expired.

Acceptable forms of valid identification:

  • Virginia driver’s license
  • Virginia DMV-issued photo ID
  • United States passport
  • Employer-issued photo ID
  • Student photo ID issued by a school, college, or university located in Virginia
  • Other U.S. or Virginia government-issued photo ID
  • Tribal enrollment or other tribal photo ID
  • Virginia Voter Photo ID card

If you don’t have an ID, go to a voter registration office to get a free Voter Photo ID, even on Election Day. You will be required to complete a photo ID application, have your photo taken and to sign a digital signature pad.

If you get to your polling place without acceptable photo ID, ask to vote a provisional ballot. You will be given instructions on what to do so your vote can count.